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Mount Antero Region
Interesting Facts


Mount Antero, famous for its aquamarines (Colorado's state stone) and other gem-quality beryls, is in Chaffee County, Colorado. Adjacent White Mountain, also on these photos, is considered by most geologists and rock-hounds to be equally promising, mineralogically. While the mineral rights to a substantial portion of both areas has been claimed, some patented (and therefore legally private land), a huge area is presently unclaimed. It is up to individuals to ensure their activities do not constitute trespass, vandalism or theft, the same as honorable people do elsewhere. It is also necessary to ensure that all activities on ordinary claimed and unclaimed lands do not violate the regulations of the US Bureau of Land Management, which administers the area.

The adjacent areas contain the remains of numerous mines, large and small, of various types, including gold, silver, copper, lead & zinc. While these aerial photographs can be used effectively to locate these old workings, the same concerns for responsible, lawful, behavior apply. In addition, all mines, whether active or inactive, should be considered dangerous places, with hidden hazards.

Fires, in particular, can pose a threat to people, animals and property. Forest fires have become far more difficult to extinguish with the recent closure of many roads on federal lands. These photos show the locations of many roads and trails not indicated on other maps, and can be used both for routine hiking and in the event of emergency. Many of these roads are quite rugged, four-wheel-drive only, and along cliffs with as much as 1,000' of relief.

Most of this area (except along paved roads) lacks tap water, toilets and other creature comforts. The fishing and hiking are great! Be considerate of others.