China & East Asia Symposium


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Lindsey V. Maness, Jr., Chairman

Resources & Technology Symposia of Colorado, Llc.

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This is an incomplete list of those who have agreed to be translators at the CEAR 2,000 Symposium. Translators can get reduced or free admission to the symposium. Translators also get to meet with all the participants and may find that it brings about opportunities for professional and personal advancement.

Several students at local universities are not yet listed, but will be translating (Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Japanese, Korean, etc.).

Ms. Nina Ivanichvili, Chief Translator: Russian & Georgian, Tel: 303-758-2202 Web-Site: or E-Mail:

Sergei Markov: Russian & English

Kenneth Merica: Chinese & English

Ms. Goa Telengut: Chinese, Khalkha Mongol, English & French

Dorsha Unkow: Mongol (various dialects), Russian & English

Ren Youliang: Chinese (various dialects) & English


Note: Ms. Nina Ivanichvili offered her translating services gratis as a public service to encourage trade between Colorado and Russia. Ms. Ivanichvili owns the firm, "All Language Alliance," offering translation services for all major languages. To find out more, visit her web-site (above).


Revised on August 11th, 2,000.