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The Basins Study Sets include the Political, Transportation, Topographic/Bathymetry, Geology, Basins, Satellite Imagery and Hydrology (Drainage) maps and texts of the entire countries indicated. Special emphasis is given on each for the oil & gas fields, oil shales, oil & gas seeps, pipelines and refineries. Even though recognized as separate countries by China, Sikkim and Kashmir are not offered as standard separate packages, but are offered as specialty products for which a separate quote will be given upon request. Taiwan is listed under China as a province. Separate thematic studies include only the theme listed.
Afghanistan {AFG}:
Essentially Unevaluated Potential
Oil–Rich Fold Belt from Iraq through Iran into Afghanistan
Desperate for Investment/Development
International Aid Agencies Support Investment
Three Generations of Wars Finally Ended
Product Order No. Price
Afghanistan Basins Set BCAESAFGD200 $ 5,000
Afghanistan Basins Theme BSAESAFGD201 $ 4,500
Afghanistan Coal Theme CLAESAFGD201* $ 7,500
Afghanistan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESAFGD201 $250
Afghanistan Geology Theme GYAESAFGD201 $ 4,500
Afghanistan Photogeology Theme PGAESAFGD201 $50,000/image
Afghanistan Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESAFGD201 $150/image
Afghanistan Minerals Theme MNAESAFGD201* $ 15,000
Afghanistan Political Theme POAESAFGD201 $250
Afghanistan Topographic Theme TOAESAFGD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Afghanistan Transportation Theme TRAESAFGD201 $ 4,500

Bangladesh {BAN}:
Substantial Oil Production
Major navigable rivers (Shahbazpur {Ganges} & Jamuna {Brahmaputra})
Coastal Country with Seaports & Riverports
Product Order No. Price
Bangladesh Basins Set BCAESBAND200 $ 5,000
Bangladesh Basins Theme BSAESBAND201 $ 4,500
Bangladesh Coal Theme CLAESBAND201* $ 5,000
Bangladesh Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESBAND201 $250
Bangladesh Geology Theme GYAESBAND201 $ 4,500
Bangladesh Photogeology Theme PGAESBAND201 $50,000/image
Bangladesh Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESBAND201 $150/image
Bangladesh Minerals Theme MNAESBAND201* $ 5,000
Bangladesh Political Theme POAESBAND201 $250
Bangladesh Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESBAND201* $1,000/5ox5o
Bangladesh Transportation Theme TRAESBAND201 $ 4,500

Bhutan {BHU}:
Huge anticlines along Southern Himalayan margin
Significant eventual Overthrust–play
Product Order No. Price
Bhutan Basins Set BCAESBHUD200 $ 5,000
Bhutan Basins Theme BSAESBHUD201 $ 4,500
Bhutan Coal Theme CLAESBHUD201* $ 5,000
Bhutan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESBHUD201 $250
Bhutan Geology Theme GYAESBHUD201 $ 4,500
Bhutan Photogeology Theme PGAESBHUD201 $50,000/image
Bhutan Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESBHUD201 $150/image
Bhutan Minerals Theme MNAESBHUD201* $ 5,000
Bhutan Political Theme POAESBHUD201 $250
Bhutan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESBHUD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Bhutan Transportation Theme TRAESBHUD201 $ 4,500

Japan {JAP}:
Most dynamic economy in Asia
Some local production; local market for all production
Excellent Seaport, Rail & Road infrastructure
Democratic Capitalist Government
Product Order No. Price
Japan Basins Set BCAESJAPD200 $ 10,000
Japan Basins Theme BSAESJAPD201 $ 9,500
Japan Coal Theme CLAESJAPD201* $ 12,000
Japan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESJAPD201 $250
Japan Geology Theme GYAESJAPD201 $ 9,500
Japan Photogeology Theme PGAESJAPD201 $50,000/image
Japan Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESJAPD201 $150/image
Japan Minerals Theme MNAESJAPD201* $ 15,000
Japan Political Theme POAESJAPD201 $250
Japan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESJAPD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Japan Transportation Theme TRAESJAPD201 $ 9,500

Korea, North {KON}:
Offshore Korea Bay Basin has significant oil & gas potential
Product Order No. Price
Korea, North, Basins Set BCAESKOND200 $ 5,000
Korea, North, Basins Theme BSAESKOND201 $ 4,500
Korea, North, Coal Theme CLAESKOND201* $ 4,500
Korea, North, Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESKOND201 $250
Korea, North, Geology Theme GYAESKOND201 $ 4,500
Korea, North, Photogeology Theme PGAESKOND201 $50,000/image
Korea, North, Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESKONND201 $150/image
Korea, North, Minerals Theme MNAESKOND201* $ 4,500
Korea, North, Political Theme POAESKOND201 $250
Korea, North, Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESKOND201* $1,000/5ox5o
Korea, North, Transportation Theme TRAESKOND201 $ 4,500

Korea, South {KOS}:
Offshore Yellow Sea Basin has significant oil & gas potential
Product Order No. Price
Korea, South, Basins Set BCAESKOSD200 $ 5,000
Korea, South, Basins Theme BSAESKOSD201 $ 4,500
Korea, South, Coal Theme CLAESKOSD201* $ 4,500
Korea, South, Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESKOSD201 $250
Korea, South, Geology Theme GYAESKOSD201 $ 4,500
Korea, South, Photogeology Theme PGAESKOSD201 $50,000/image
Korea, South, Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESKOSD201 $150/image
Korea, South, Minerals Theme MNAESKOSD201* $ 4,500
Korea, South, Political Theme POAESKOSD201 $250
Korea, South, Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESKOSD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Korea, South, Transportation Theme TRAESKOSD201 $ 4,500

Mongolia {MON}:
Endemic strike–slip faults cause unrecognized traps
Paleozoic carbonates essentially untested; Tertiary proven
Anxious for joint venture agreements
Newly "Capitalist" Governments since 1996
Product Order No. Price
Mongolia Basins Set BCAESMOND200 $ 35,000
Mongolia Basins Theme BSAESMOND201 $ 34,500
Mongolia Coal Theme CLAESMOND201* $ 35,000
Mongolia Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESMOND201 $250
Mongolia Geology Theme GYAESMOND201 $ 34,500
Mongolia Photogeology Theme PGAESMOND201 $50,000/image
Mongolia Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESMOND201 $150/image
Mongolia Minerals Theme MNAESMOND201* $ 50,000
Mongolia Political Theme POAESMOND201 $250
Mongolia Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESMOND201* $1,000/5ox5o
Mongolia Transportation Theme TRAESMOND201 $ 4,500

Nepal {NEP}:
Huge anticlines along Southern Himalayan margin
Significant eventual Overthrust–play
Product Order No. Price
Nepal Basins Set BCAESNEPD200 $ 10,000
Nepal Basin Theme BSAESNEPD201 $ 9,500
Nepal Coal Theme CLAESNEPD201* $ 5,000
Nepal Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESNEPD201 $250
Nepal Geology Theme GYAESNEPD201 $ 9,500
Nepal Photogeology Theme PGAESNEPD201 $50,000/image
Nepal Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESNEPD201 $150/image
Nepal Minerals Theme MNAESNEPD201* $ 7,500
Nepal Political Theme POAESNEPD201 $250
Nepal Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESNEPD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Nepal Transportation Theme TRAESNEPD201 $ 4,500