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The Thematic Basin Sets include the Political, Transportation, Geology, Basins, Topographic, Satellite Imagery and Hydrology (Drainage) maps and texts for portions of the countries indicated. Special emphasis is given on each for the oil & gas fields, oil shales, oil & gas seeps, pipelines and refineries. Separate Thematic Studies include only the theme listed.
India, eastern {IND}:
Excellent potential
Coastal ports connect to extensive rail system
Overthrust anticlines along base of Himalayas
Product Order No. Price
India Basins Set BCAESINDD200 $ 20,000
India Basins Theme BSAESINDD201 $ 19,500
India Coal Theme CLAESINDD201* $ 7,500
India Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESINDD201 $250
India Geology Theme GYAESINDD201 $ 19,500
India Photogeology Theme PGAESINDD201 $50,000/image
India Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESINDD201 $150/image
India Minerals Theme MNAESINDD201* $ 10,000
India Political Theme POAESINDD201 $250
India Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESINDD201* $1,000/5ox5o
India Transportation Theme TRAESINDD201 $ 19,500

Laos, northern {LAO}:
Largely unevaluated for oil potential
Anxious for foreign investment
Product Order No. Price
Laos Basins Set BCAESLAOD200 $ 5,000
Laos Basins Theme BSAESLAOD201 $ 4,500
Laos Coal Theme CLAESLAOD201* $ 7,500
Laos Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESLAOD201 $250
Laos Geology Theme GYAESLAOD201 $ 4,500
Laos Photogeology Theme PGAESLAOD201 $50,000/image
Laos Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESLAOD201 $150/image
Laos Minerals Theme MNAESLAOD201* $ 10,000
Laos Political Theme POAESLAOD201 $250
Laos Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESLAOD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Laos Transportation Theme TRAESLAOD201 $ 4,500

Myanmar (former Burma), northern {MYA}:
Historically a large oil producer
Coastal country with well–developed pipelines & refineries
Product Order No. Price
Myanmar Basins Set BCAESMYAD200 $ 5,000
Myanmar Basins Theme BSAESMYAD201 $ 4,500
Myanmar Coal Theme CLAESMYAD201* $ 5,000
Myanmar Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESMYAD201 $250
Myanmar Geology Theme GYAESMYAD201 $ 4,500
Myanmar Photogeology Theme PGAESMYAD201 $50,000/image
Myanmar Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESMYAD201 $150/image
Myanmar Minerals Theme MNAESMYAD201* $ 35,000
Myanmar Political Theme POAESMYAD201 $250
Myanmar Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESMYAD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Myanmar Transportation Theme TRAESMYAD201 $ 4,500

Pakistan, eastern {PAK}:
Outstanding structural traps (huge anticlines)
Abundant Marine shales (source rocks)
Abundant Terrigenous sandstones (Reservoir rocks)
Product Order No. Price
Pakistan Basins Set BCAESPAKD200 $ 5,000
Pakistan Basins Theme BSAESPAKD201 $ 4,500
Pakistan Coal Theme CLAESPAKD201* $ 7,500
Pakistan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESPAKD201 $250
Pakistan Geology Theme GYAESPAKD201 $ 4,500
Pakistan Photogeology Theme PGAESPAKD201 $50,000/image
Pakistan Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESPAKD201 $150/image
Pakistan Minerals Theme MNAESPAKD201* $ 10,000
Pakistan Political Theme POAESPAKD201 $250
Pakistan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESPAKD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Pakistan Transportation Theme TRAESPAKD201 $ 4,500

Philippines, northern {PHL}:
Oil–prone. If swelling clay problems can be overcome ...
Seaports, rail and excellent infrastructure
Stable, democratic government with capitalist traditions
Product Order No. Price
Philippines Basins Set BCAESPHLD200 $ 4,000
Philippines Basins Theme BSAESPHLD201 $ 3,500
Philippines Coal Theme CLAESPHLD201* $ 5,000
Philippines Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESPHLD201 $250
Philippines Geology Theme GYAESPHLD201 $ 3,500
Philippines Photogeology Theme PGAESPHLD201 $50,000/image
Philippines Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESPHLD201 $150/image
Philippines Minerals Theme MNAESPHLD201* $ 15,000
Philippines Political Theme POAESPHLD201 $250
Philippines Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESPHLD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Philippines Transportation Theme TRAESPHLD201 $ 3,500

Thailand, northern {THA}:
Grabens have excellent source & reservoir rocks
Politically stable, with capitalist traditions
Product Order No. Price
Thailand Basins Set BCAESTHAD200 $ 7,500
Thailand Basins Theme BSAESTHAD201 $ 7,000
Thailand Coal Theme CLAESTHAD201* $ 7,500
Thailand Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESTHAD201 $250
Thailand Geology Theme GYAESTHAD201 $ 7,000
Thailand Photogeology Theme PGAESTHAD201 $50,000/image
Thailand Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESTHAD201 $150/image
Thailand Minerals Theme MNAESTHAD201* $ 10,000
Thailand Political Theme POAESTHAD201 $250
Thailand Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESTHAD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Thailand Transportation Theme TRAESTHAD201 $ 3,500

Vietnam, northern {VIE}:
Substantial oil production in grabens & offshore
Seeks investors
Product Order No. Price
Vietnam Basins Set BCAESVIED200 $ 5,000
Vietnam Basins Theme BSAESVIED201 $ 4,500
Vietnam Coal Theme CLAESVIED201* $ 15,000
Vietnam Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYAESVIED201 $250
Vietnam Geology Theme GYAESVIED201 $ 4,500
Vietnam Photogeology Theme PGAESVIED201 $50,000/image
Vietnam Satellite Imagery Theme IMAESVIED201 $150/image
Vietnam Minerals Theme MNAESVIED201* $ 15,000
Vietnam Political Theme POAESVIED201 $250
Vietnam Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOAESVIED201* $1,000/5ox5o
Vietnam Transportation Theme TRAESVIED201 $ 4,500