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The Provincial Thematic Basins Sets include the appropriate geographic portions of the Thematic Political, Topographic/Bathymetric, Transportation, Geology, Satellite Imagery, Basins and Hydrology (Drainage) maps and texts. Special emphasis is given on each for the oil & gas fields, oil shales, oil & gas seeps, pipelines and refineries. The financially–powerful cities of Beijing Shi, Shanghai Shi and Tianjin Shi are recognized as the legal equivalents of autonomous regions, and all have unique rights to directly negotiate joint venture agreements which exceed those granted to autonomous regions based upon minority populations. Note that the ordinary autonomous regions and certain provinces (e.g., Hainan Dao) and certain portions of provinces (Guangzhou near Hong Kong {Xianggang}) have special rights to directly negotiate deals and some have special taxation forgiveness inducements. Separate thematic studies include only the theme listed for the specified geographic area.
Anhui Province {ANH}:
Tianchang Oil Field
Anqing Refinery along navigable Yangtze River to sea
Guangde & Xuancheng Oil Shales imply unrecognized potential
Product Order No. Price
Anhui Basins Set BCACHANHD200 $ 5,000
Anhui Basins Theme BSACHANHD201 $ 4,500
Anhui Coal Theme CLACHANHD201* $ 5,000
Anhui Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHANHD201 $ 250
Anhui Geology Theme GYACHANHD201 $ 4,500
Anhui Photogeology Theme PGACHTANH201 $50,000/image
Anhui Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHANHD201 $ 150/image
Anhui Minerals Theme MNACHANHD201* $ 7,500
Anhui Political Theme POACHANHD201 $ 250
Anhui Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHANHD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Anhui Transportation Theme TRACHANHD201 $ 4,500

Beijing Shi {BEI}:
Capital of China
Strongest autonomous rights
Superb infrastructure
Ample pipeline capacity & numerous refineries
<Note: Beijing Shi is normally combined with Tianjin Shi. The border between them is complex: the City of Beijing has been expanding at the expense of the adjacent province {Tianjin}.>
Product Order No. Price
Beijing Shi Basins Set BCACHBEID200 $ 5,000
Beijing Basins Theme BSACHBEID201 $ 4,500
Beijing Coal Theme CLACHBEID201* $ 5,000
Beijing Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHBEID201 $ 250
Beijing Geology Theme GYACHBEID201 $ 4,500
Beijing Photogeology Theme PGACHTBEI201 $50,000/image
Beijing Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHBEID201 $ 150/image
Beijing Minerals Theme MNACHBEID201* $ 7,500
Beijing Political Theme POACHBEID201 $ 250
Beijing Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHBEID201* $1,000/5ox5o
Beijing Transportation Theme TRACHBEID201 $ 4,500

Fujian (Fukien) Province {FUJ}:
Excellent Seaports & Rail connections
Product Order No. Price
Fujian Basins Set BCACHFUJD200 $ 5,000
Fujian Basins Theme BSACHFUJD201 $ 4,500
Fujian Coal Theme CLACHFUJD201* $ 5,000
Fujian Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHFUJD201 $ 250
Fujian Geology Theme GYACHFUJD201 $ 4,500
Fujian Photogeology Theme PGACHTFUJ201 $50,000/image
Fujian Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHFUJD201 $ 150/image
Fujian Minerals Theme MNACHFUJD201* $ 7,500
Fujian Political Theme POACHFUJD201 $ 250
Fujian Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHFUJD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Fujian Transportation Theme TRACHFUJD201 $ 4,500

Gansu Province {GAN}:
The Hexi Corridor portion is critical for Western China
Yumen Oil Field, 2nd largest oil production in all China
Excellent infrastructure
Product Order No. Price
Gansu Basins Set BCACHGAND200 $ 5,000
Gansu Basins Theme BSACHGAND201 $ 4,500
Gansu Coal Theme CLACHGAND201* $ 7,500
Gansu Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHGAND201 $ 250
Gansu Geology Theme GYACHGAND201 $ 4,500
Gansu Photogeology Theme PGACHTGAN201 $50,000/image
Gansu Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHGAND201 $ 150/image
Gansu Minerals Theme MNACHGAND201* $ 15,000
Gansu Political Theme POACHGAND201 $ 250
Gansu Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHGAND201* $1,000/5ox5o
Gansu Transportation Theme TRACHGAND201 $ 4,500

Guangdong (Canton) Province {GUN}:
Guangzhou (Canton) is one of largest cities in Asia
Very creative & dynamic local financing
Extensive seaport, riverine & rail facilities
50 cm Gas pipeline serves Hong Kong (Xianggang)
Numerous large–capacity refineries
Prolific Maoming Oil Shale dips to offshore
Product Order No. Price
Guangdong Basins Set BCACHGUND200 $ 5,000
Guangdong Basins Theme BSACHGUND201 $ 4,500
Guangdong Coal Theme CLACHGUND201* $ 5,000
Guangdong Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHGUND201 $ 250
Guangdong Geology Theme GYACHGUND201 $ 4,500
Guangdong Photogeology Theme PGACHGUND201 $50,000/image
Guangdong Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHGUND201 $ 150/image
Guangdong Minerals Theme MNACHGUND201* $ 7,500
Guangdong Political Theme POACHGUND201 $ 250
Guangdong Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHGUND201* $1,000/5ox5o
Guangdong Transportation Theme TRACHGUND201 $ 4,500

Guangxi–Zhuangzu Zizhiqu (Autonomous Region) {GUX}:
Large Bose Oil Field
Many oil shales & oil seeps show potential
Refineries at Qinzhou Seaport
Product Order No. Price
Guangxi Basins Set BCACHGUXD200 $ 5,000
Guangxi Basins Theme BSACHGUXD201 $ 4,500
Guangxi Coal Theme CLACHGUXD201* $ 5,000
Guangxi Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHGUXD201 $ 250
Guangxi Geology Theme GYACHGUXD201 $ 4,500
Guangxi Photogeology Theme PGACHGUXD201 $50,000/image
Guangxi Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHGUXD201 $ 150/image
Guangxi Minerals Theme MNACHGUXD201* $ 7,500
Guangxi Political Theme POACHGUXD201 $ 250
Guangxi Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHGUXD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Guangxi Transportation Theme TRACHGUXD201 $ 4,500

Guizhou Province {GUZ}:
Prolific & extensive oil shales and oil seeps
Fuquan Oil Field probably has analogues
Product Order No. Price
Guizhou Basins Set BCACHGUZD200 $ 5,000
Guizhou Basins Theme BSACHGUZD201 $ 4,500
Guizhou Coal Theme CLACHGUZD201* $ 5,000
Guizhou Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHGUZD201 $ 250
Guizhou Geology Theme GYACHGUZD201 $ 4,500
Guizhou Photogeology Theme PGACHGUZD201 $50,000/image
Guizhou Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHGUZD201 $ 150/image
Guizhou Minerals Theme MNACHGUZD201* $ 7,500
Guizhou Political Theme POACHGUZD201 $ 250
Guizhou Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHGUZD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Guizhou Transportation Theme TRACHGUZD201 $ 4,500

Hainan (Hainan Dao) Province {HAI}:
Major offshore gas production
Seaports, autonomous, with generous tax & trade terms
Hydrocarbon potential onshore under basalt flows
Oil Shales
Refineries & large gas pipeline to Hong Kong (Xianggang)
Product Order No. Price
Hainan Basins Set BCACHHAID200 $ 5,000
Hainan Basins Theme BSACHHAID201 $ 4,500
Hainan Coal Theme CLACHHAID201* $ 5,000
Hainan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHHAID201 $ 250
Hainan Geology Theme GYACHHAID201 $ 4,500
Hainan Photogeology Theme PGACHHAID201 $50,000/image
Hainan Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHHAID201 $ 150/image
Hainan Minerals Theme MNACHHAID201* $ 7,500
Hainan Political Theme POACHHAID201 $ 250
Hainan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHHAID201* $1,000/5ox5o
Hainan Transportation Theme TRACHHAID201 $ 4,500

Hebei Province {HEB}:
Large Renqiu Oil field
Pipelines & Refineries existing & under construction
Product Order No. Price
Hebei Basins Set BCACHHEBD200 $ 5,000
Hebei Basins Theme BSACHHEBD201 $ 4,500
Hebei Coal Theme CLACHHEBD201* $ 7,500
Hebei Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHHEBD201 $250
Hebei Geology Theme GYACHHEBD201 $ 4,500
Hebei Photogeology Theme PGACHHEBD201 $50,000/image
Hebei Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHHEBD201 $ 150/image
Hebei Minerals Theme MNACHHEBD201* $ 7,500
Hebei Political Theme POACHHEBD201 $250
Hebei Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHHEBD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Hebei Transportation Theme TRACHHEBD201 $ 4,500

Heilongjiang Province {HEI}:
Has Daqing Oil Field, largest in China
Has large capacity pipelines and refineries
One of most industrialized regions in Asia
Unusually well–educated local population
Product Order No. Price
Heilongjiang Basins Set BCACHHEID200 $ 5,000
Heilongjiang Basins Theme BSACHHEID201 $ 4,500
Heilongjiang Coal Theme CLACHHEID201* $ 12,500
Heilongjiang Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHHEID201 $250
Heilongjiang Geology Theme GYACHHEID201 $ 4,500
Heilongjiang Photogeology Theme PGACHHEID201 $50,000/image
Heilongjiang Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHHEID201 $ 150/image
Heilongjiang Minerals Theme MNACHHEID201* $ 15,000
Heilongjiang Political Theme POACHHEID201 $250
Heilongjiang Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHHEID201* $1,000/5ox5o
Heilongjiang Transportation Theme TRACHHEID201 $ 4,500

Henan Province {HEN}:
Nanyang & Zhongyuan Oil Fields
Pipelines & Refineries (existing & under construction)
Well–developed Riverine (barge) & Rail Transport
Product Order No. Price
Henan Basins Set BCACHHEND200 $ 5,000
Henan Basins Theme BSACHHEND201 $ 4,500
Henan Coal Theme CLACHHEND201* $ 7,500
Henan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHHEND201 $250
Henan Geology Theme GYACHHEND201 $ 4,500
Henan Photogeology Theme PGACHHEND201 $50,000/image
Henan Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHHEND201 $ 150/image
Henan Minerals Theme MNACHHEND201* $ 7,500
Henan Political Theme POACHHEND201 $250
Henan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHHEND201* $1,000/5ox5o
Henan Transportation Theme TRACHHEND201 $ 4,500

Hubei Province {HUB}:
Oil fields, Pipelines, Refineries on stream
Excellent Riverine (barge) & Rail Transport
Product Order No. Price
Hubei Basins Set BCACHHUBD200 $ 5,000
Hubei Basins Theme BSACHHUBD201 $ 4,500
Hubei Coal Theme CLACHHUBD201* $ 5,000
Hubei Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHHUBD201 $250
Hubei Geology Theme GYACHHUBD201 $ 4,500
Hubei Photogeology Theme PGACHHUBD201 $50,000/image
Hubei Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHHUBD201 $ 150/image
Hubei Minerals Theme MNACHHUBD201* $ 7,500
Hubei Political Theme POACHHUBD201 $250
Hubei Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHHUBD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Hubei Transportation Theme TRACHHUBD201 $ 4,500

Hunan Province {HUN}:
Long experience with foreign joint–ventures
Alternative view of basins & sub–basins included
Oil shales, Oil Seeps & Refineries
Many oil fields with small production
Product Order No. Price
Hunan Basins Set BCACHHUND200 $ 5,000
Hunan Basins Theme BSACHHUND201 $ 4,500
Hunan Coal Theme CLACHHUND201* $ 5,000
Hunan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHHUND201 $250
Hunan Geology Theme GYACHHUND201 $ 4,500
Hunan Photogeology Theme PGACHHUND201 $50,000/image
Hunan Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHHUND201 $ 150/image
Hunan Minerals Theme MNACHHUND201* $ 7,500
Hunan Political Theme POACHHUND201 $250
Hunan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHHUND201* $1,000/5ox5o
Hunan Transportation Theme TRACHHUND201 $ 4,500

Jiangsu Province {JIN}:
Giant Subei Oil Fields
Major Zhenjiang Refinery on major riverport near sea
Coastal province
Product Order No. Price
Jiangsu Basins Set BCACHJIND200 $ 5,000
Jiangsu Basins Theme BSACHJIND201 $ 4,500
Jiangsu Coal Theme CLACHJIND201* $ 5,000
Jiangsu Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHJIND201 $250
Jiangsu Geology Theme GYACHJIND201 $ 4,500
Jiangsu Photogeology Theme PGACHJIND201 $50,000/image
Jiangsu Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHJIND201 $ 150/image
Jiangsu Minerals Theme MNACHJIND201* $ 7,500
Jiangsu Political Theme POACHJIND201 $250
Jiangsu Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHJIND201* $1,000/5ox5o
Jiangsu Transportation Theme TRACHJIND201 $ 4,500

Jiangxi Province {JIX}:
Jiujiang Refinery is along major navigable river
Nanchang Basin inadequately explored
Product Order No. Price
Jiangxi Basins Set BCACHJIXD200 $ 4,500
Jiangxi Basins Theme BSACHJIXD201 $ 4,000
Jiangxi Coal Theme CLACHJIXD201* $ 5,000
Jiangxi Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHJIXD201 $250
Jiangxi Geology Theme GYACHJIXD201 $ 4,000
Jiangxi Photogeology Theme PGACHJIXD201 $50,000/image
Jiangxi Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHJIXD201 $ 150/image
Jiangxi Minerals Theme MNACHJIXD201* $ 7,500
Jiangxi Political Theme POACHJIXD201 $250
Jiangxi Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHJIXD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Jiangxi Transportation Theme TRACHJIXD201 $ 4,000

Jilin Province {JIL}:
Analogue of Los Angeles fields, with strike-slip faults
Paleozoic carbonate reefs a possibility
Large oil fields on stream, many pipelines, refineries
Prosperous, industrialized, local market for oil
Product Order No. Price
Jilin Basins Set BCACHJILD200 $ 5,000
Jilin Basins Theme BSACHJILD201 $ 4,500
Jilin Coal Theme CLACHJILD201* $ 11,000
Jilin Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHJILD201 $250
Jilin Geology Theme GYACHJILD201 $ 4,500
Jilin Photogeology Theme PGACHJILD201 $50,000/image
Jilin Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHJILD201 $ 150/image
Jilin Minerals Theme MNACHJILD201* $ 15,000
Jilin Political Theme POACHJILD201 $250
Jilin Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHJILD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Jilin Transportation Theme TRACHJILD201 $ 4,500

Liaoning Province {LIA}:
Most industrialized province in China
Variety of geological environments, source rocks & traps
Large oil fields on stream
World–class Seaports, Pipelines & Refineries
Pipeline from Dandong Refinery supplies Pyongyang, N. Korea
Product Order No. Price
Liaoning Basins Set BCACHLIAD200 $ 5,000
Liaoning Basins Theme BSACHLIAD201 $ 4,500
Liaoning Coal Theme CLACHLIAD201* $ 15,000
Liaoning Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHLIAD201 $250
Liaoning Geology Theme GYACHLIAD201 $ 4,500
Liaoning Photogeology Theme PGACHLIAD201 $50,000/image
Liaoning Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHLIAD201 $ 150/image
Liaoning Minerals Theme MNACHLIAD201* $ 15,000
Liaoning Political Theme POACHLIAD201 $250
Liaoning Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHLIAD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Liaoning Transportation Theme TRACHLIAD201 $ 4,500

Neimenggu Zizhiqu (Inner Mongolia), Autonomous Region {NEI}:
Much coal. Anxious for coalbed methane joint ventures
Can make many joint venture deals directly
Significant oil & gas production, oil shales, oil seep
Product Order No. Price
Neimenggu Basins Set BCACHNEID200 $ 5,000
Neimenggu Basins Theme BSACHNEID201 $ 4,500
Neimenggu Coal Theme CLACHNEID201* $ 27,500
Neimenggu Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHNEID201 $250
Neimenggu Geology Theme GYACHNEID201 $ 4,500
Neimenggu Photogeology Theme PGACHNEID201 $50,000/image
Neimenggu Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHNEID201 $ 150/image
Neimenggu Minerals Theme MNACHNEID201* $ 15,000
Neimenggu Political Theme POACHNEID201 $250
Neimenggu Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHNEID201* $1,000/5ox5o
Neimenggu Transportation Theme TRACHNEID201 $ 4,500

Ningxia–Huizu Province {NIN}:
Inadequately evaluated basins
Product Order No. Price
Ningxia Basins Set BCACHNIND200 $ 5,000
Ningxia Basins Theme BSACHNIND201 $ 4,500
Ningxia Coal Theme CLACHNIND201* $ 7,500
Ningxia Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHNIND201 $250
Ningxia Geology Theme GYACHNIND201 $ 4,500
Ningxia Photogeology Theme PGACHNIND201 $50,000/image
Ningxia Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHNIND201 $ 150/image
Ningxia Minerals Theme MNACHNIND201* $ 7,500
Ningxia Political Theme POACHNIND201 $250
Ningxia Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHNIND201* $1,000/5ox5o
Ningxia Transportation Theme TRACHNIND201 $ 4,500

Qinghai Province {QNG}:
Some very interesting geology, basins & production
Chaidamu Basin is proven prolific oil producer
Germu (Golmud) Basin refinery/pipeline supplies Lasa (Lhasa)
Many oil seeps
Product Order No. Price
Qinghai Basins Set BCACHQNGD200 $ 5,000
Qinghai Basins Theme BSACHQNGD201 $ 4,500
Qinghai Coal Theme CLACHQNGD201* $ 11,500
Qinghai Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHQNGD201 $250
Qinghai Geology Theme GYACHQNGD201 $ 4,500
Qinghai Photogeology Theme PGACHQNGD201 $50,000/image
Qinghai Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHQNGD201 $ 150/image
Qinghai Minerals Theme MNACHQNGD201* $ 12,000
Qinghai Political Theme POACHQNGD201 $250
Qinghai Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHQNGD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Qinghai Transportation Theme TRACHQNGD201 $ 4,500

Shaanxi Province {SHA}:
Oil Shales & many Oil Seeps
Yanchang Oil Field
Refinery at Xian
Product Order No. Price
Shaanxi Basins Set BCACHSHAD200 $ 5,000
Shaanxi Basins Theme BSACHSHAD201 $ 4,500
Shaanxi Coal Theme CLACHSHAD201* $ 11,000
Shaanxi Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHSHAD201 $250
Shaanxi Geology Theme GYACHSHAD201 $ 4,500
Shaanxi Photogeology Theme PGACHSHAD201 $50,000/image
Shaanxi Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHSHAD201 $ 150/image
Shaanxi Minerals Theme MNACHSHAD201* $ 7,500
Shaanxi Political Theme POACHSHAD201 $250
Shaanxi Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHSHAD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Shaanxi Transportation Theme TRACHSHAD201 $ 4,500

Shandong Province {SHD}:
Navigable Yellow River (Huang He); Coastal Province
Many pipelines & refineries
Large Shengli Oil & Gas Field
Product Order No. Price
Shandong Basins Set BCACHSHDD200 $ 5,000
Shandong Basins Theme BSACHSHDD201 $ 4,500
Shandong Coal Theme CLACHSHDD201* $ 7,500
Shandong Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHSHDD201 $250
Shandong Geology Theme GYACHSHDD201 $ 4,500
Shandong Photogeology Theme PGACHSHDD201 $50,000/image
Shandong Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHSHDD201 $ 150/image
Shandong Minerals Theme MNACHSHDD201* $ 12,000
Shandong Political Theme POACHSHDD201 $250
Shandong Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHSHDD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Shandong Transportation Theme TRACHSHDD201 $ 4,500

Shanghai Shi {SHH}:
Major city with unique autonomous rights
Major coastal port, extensive rail connections
Oil pipelines & refinery
Product Order No. Price
Shanghai Shi Basins Set BCACHSHHD200 $ 5,000
Shanghai Basins Theme BSACHSHHD201 $ 4,500
Shanghai Coal Theme CLACHSHHD201* $ 5,000
Shanghai Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHSHHD201 $250
Shanghai Geology Theme GYACHSHHD201 $ 4,500
Shanghai Photogeology Theme PGACHSHHD201 $50,000/image
Shanghai Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHSHHD201 $ 150/image
Shanghai Minerals Theme MNACHSHHD201* $ 7,500
Shanghai Political Theme POACHSHHD201 $250
Shanghai Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHSHHD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Shanghai Transportation Theme TRACHSHHD201 $ 4,500

Shanxi Province {SHX}:
Many Refineries
Oil Shales & Coal show potential
Many small basins
Product Order No. Price
Shanxi Basins Set BCACHSHXD200 $ 5,000
Shanxi Basins Theme BSACHSHXD201 $ 4,500
Shanxi Coal Theme CLACHSHXD201* $ 8,000
Shanxi Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHSHXD201 $250
Shanxi Geology Theme GYACHSHXD201 $ 4,500
Shanxi Photogeology Theme PGACHSHXD201 $50,000/image
Shanxi Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHSHXD201 $ 150/image
Shanxi Minerals Theme MNACHSHXD201* $ 7,500
Shanxi Political Theme POACHSHXD201 $250
Shanxi Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHSHXD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Shanxi Transportation Theme TRACHSHXD201 $ 4,500

Sichuan Province {SIC}:
Includes "Generalized Aeromagnetic Map"
Well–studied by Chinese ministries; anxious to deal
Large gas producer; significant oil from Nanchong Field
Pipelines & Refineries
Product Order No. Price
Sichuan Basins Set BDACHSICD200 $ 5,000
Sichuan Basins Theme BSACHSICD201 $ 4,500
Sichuan Coal Theme CLACHSICD201* $ 7,500
Sichuan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHSICD201 $250
Sichuan Geology Theme GYACHSICD201 $ 4,500
Sichuan Photogeology Theme PGACHSICD201 $50,000/image
Sichuan Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHSICD201 $ 150/image
Sichuan Minerals Theme MNACHSICD201* $ 7,500
Sichuan Political Theme POACHSICD201 $250
Sichuan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHSICD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Sichuan Transportation Theme TRACHSICD201 $ 4,500

Tianjin Shi {TIJ}:
Major city with autonomous rights; special low taxes
Major Seaport
Large Dageng Oil & Gas Field, Pipelines, Refineries
<Note: Tianjin Shi is usually combined with Beijing Shi. The border between them is complex: the City of Beijing has been expanding at the expense of the adjacent province {Tianjin}.>
Product Order No. Price
Tianjin Basins Set BCACHTIJD200 $ 5,000
Tianjin Basins Theme BSACHTIJD201 $ 4,500
Tianjin Coal Theme CLACHTIJD201* $ 11,000
Tianjin Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHTIJD201 $250
Tianjin Geology Theme GYACHTIJD201 $ 4,500
Tianjin Photogeology Theme PGACHTIJD201 $50,000/image
Tianjin Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHTIJD201 $ 150/image
Tianjin Minerals Theme MNACHTIJD201* $ 8,500
Tianjin Political Theme POACHTIJD201 $250
Tianjin Political Theme Appl. POACHTIJA701 $250 Ö
Tianjin Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHTIJD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Tianjin Transportation Theme TRACHTIJD201 $ 4,500

Xinjiang Weiwur Zizhiqu (Sinkiang–Uyghur), Autonomous Reg. {XIN}:
Of very greatest interest to oil companies in China
World–class Oil & Gas Fields
"Talimu Basin Isopach of Total Sediments" Map
"Talimu Basin Simplified Basement Structure" Map
"Talimu Basin Generalized Structural Map of Southwest Area"
"Talimu Basin Aeromagnetic Anomaly Map"
Many Oil seeps, Pipelines
Large Proven & Probable Gold & Copper Reserves
Known & Probable Gemstones (Emeralds, Rubies, etc.)
Product Order No. Price
Xinjiang Basins Set BCACHXIND200 $ 5,000
Xinjiang Basins Theme BSACHXIND201 $ 4,500
Xinjiang Coal Theme CLACHXIND201* $ 35,000
Xinjiang Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHXIND201 $250
Xinjiang Geology Theme GYACHXIND201 $ 4,500
Xinjiang Photogeology Theme PGACHXIND201 $50,000/image
Xinjiang Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHXIND201 $ 150/image
Xinjiang Minerals Theme MNACHXIND201* $ 15,000
Xinjiang Political Theme POACHXIND201 $250
Xinjiang Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHXIND201* $1,000/5ox5o
Xinjiang Transportation Theme TRACHXIND201 $ 4,500

Xizang Zizhiqu (Tibet), Autonomous Region {XIZ}:
Includes overlapping "Bangladesh Regional Basins Tectonics"
The ultimate overthrust play!
Can make many joint venture agreements locally
Probable Gemstones (Emeralds, Rubies, etc.)
Product Order No. Price
Xizang Basins Set BCACHXIZD200 $ 5,000
Xizang Basins Theme BSACHXIZD201 $ 4,500
Xizang Coal Theme CLACHXIZD201* $ 5,000
Xizang Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHXIZD201 $250
Xizang Geology Theme GYACHXIZD201 $ 4,500
Xizang Photogeology Theme PGACHXIZD201 $50,000/image
Xizang Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHXIZD201 $ 150/image
Xizang Minerals Theme MNACHXIZD201* $ 15,000
Xizang Political Theme POACHXIZD201 $250
Xizang Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHXIZD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Xizang Transportation Theme TRACHXIZD201 $ 4,500

Yunnan Province {YUN}:
Inadequately explored; Oil Shales & Seeps
Refineries at Kunming and Gejiu
Known World–class Gemstone Mines (Rubies, Sapphires, etc.)
Many Road & Rail Improvements (1994–present)
Product Order No. Price
Yunnan Basins Set BCACHYUND200 $ 4,500
Yunnan Basins Theme BSACHYUND201 $ 4,500
Yunnan Coal Theme CLACHYUND201* $ 5,000
Yunnan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHYUND201 $250
Yunnan Geology Theme GYACHYUND201 $ 4,500
Yunnan Photogeology Theme PGACHYUND201 $50,000/image
Yunnan Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHYUND201 $ 150/image
Yunnan Minerals Theme MNACHYUND201* $ 12,000
Yunnan Political Theme POACHYUND201 $250
Yunnan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHYUND201* $1,000/5ox5o
Yunnan Transportation Theme TRACHYUND201 $ 4,500

Zhejiang Province {ZHE}:
Yongjia & Zhenghai Gas Fields near Seaports
Many Gas Seeps
Refinery at Hangzhou Port supplies oil to Shanghai Shi
Product Order No. Price
Zhejiang Basins Set BCACHZHED200 $ 4,500
Zhejiang Basins Theme BSACHZHED201 $ 4,000
Zhejiang Coal Theme CLACHZHED201* $ 5,000
Zhejiang Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHZHED201 $250
Zhejiang Geology Theme GYACHZHED201 $ 4,000
Zhejiang Photogeology Theme PGACHZHED201 $50,000/image
Zhejiang Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHZHED201 $ 150/image
Zhejiang Minerals Theme MNACHZHED201* $ 7,500
Zhejiang Political Theme POACHZHED201 $250
Zhejiang Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHZHED201* $1,000/5ox5o
Zhejiang Transportation Theme TRACHZHED201 $ 4,000

Taiwan Province (in practice, a separate country) {TAI}:
Thriving and anxious to improve domestic production
65 cm oil pipeline from Kaohsiung Port to Chilung Port
Overthrust–type plays onshore
Overthrust–type plays offshore a near–certainty
Huge refinery capacity
Immense local market; dynamic capitalist economy
Product Order No. Price
Taiwan Basins Set BCACHTAID200 $ 5,000
Taiwan Basins Theme BSACHTAID201 $ 4,500
Taiwan Coal Theme CLACHTAID201* $ 5,000
Taiwan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYACHTAID201 $250
Taiwan Geology Theme GYACHTAID201 $ 4,500
Taiwan Photogeology Theme PGACHTAID201 $50,000/image
Taiwan Satellite Imagery Theme IMACHTAID201 $ 150/image
Taiwan Minerals Theme MNACHTAID201* $ 7,500
Taiwan Political Theme POACHTAID201 $250
Taiwan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOACHTAID201* $1,000/5ox5o
Taiwan Transportation Theme TRACHTAID201 $ 4,500