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CIS Republics and new Countries (former USSR) {CIS}

The Russian Republic {CIS}. The Combined Basin Studies include the Political, Transportation, Geology, Basin and Drainage maps and texts for the countries indicated. Special emphasis is given on each for the oil & gas fields, oil shales, oil & gas seeps, pipelines and refineries. The present divisions of the former USSR include in this study the Countries of Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan and the autonomous CIS Republics of Russia, Aghinsk Buryat, Altai, Buryatia, Khakassia, Jewish Autonomous Region [Birobijan], Sakha [Yakutia], Tuva and Ust–Orda. In addition, one unofficial political division solely for mapping convenience is that of the Sakhalin & Kuril Islands {SKK}, which is newly included herein. Since the "Russian Republic" proper is so intertwined with (and often incorporates) the other listed Republics (and unlisted "Military Districts," etc.), "Russia" is only available as CIS. Separate Thematic Studies include only the theme listed.
World–Class production of oil & minerals (gold, diamonds)
Excellent oil & mining infrastructure
Can make deals quickly
Extensive production, pipelines & refineries
Rails (full–gauge) connect to Pacific Port of Vladivostok
Special US–Russian government guaranteed loans
Product Order No. Price
CIS Basins Set BCCISCISD200 $ 35,000
CIS Basins Theme BSCISCISD201 $ 34,500
CIS Coal Theme CLCISCISD201* $ 50,000
CIS Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISCISD201 $ 10,000
CIS Geology Theme GYCISCISD201 $ 34,500
CIS Photogeology Theme PGCISCISD201 $50,000/image
CIS Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISCISD201 $150/image
CIS Minerals Theme MNCISCISD201* $100,000
CIS Political Theme POCISCISD201 $ 5,000
CIS Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISCISD201* $1,000/5ox5o
CIS Transportation Theme TRCISCISD201 $ 34,500

Kazakhstan, eastern {KZS}:
World–class production of both hydrocarbons and gold
Excellent oil & gas infrastructure (pipelines, refineries)
Relatively stable, politically. Now independent country.
Product Order No. Price
Kazakhstan Basins Set BCCISKZSD200 $ 15,000
Kazakhstan Basins Theme BSCISKZSD201 $ 14,500
Kazakhstan Coal Theme CLCISKZSD201* $ 25,500
Kazakhstan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISKZSD201 $500
Kazakhstan Geology Theme GYCISKZSD201 $ 14,500
Kazakhstan Photogeology Theme PGCISKZSD201 $50,000/image
Kazakhstan Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISKZSD201 $150/image
Kazakhstan Minerals Theme MNCISKZSD201* $ 50,000
Kazakhstan Political Theme POCISKZSD201* $500
Kazakhstan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISKZSD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Kazakhstan Transportation Theme TRCISKZSD201 $ 14,500

Kirghizstan, eastern {KGS}:
Surplus hydroelectric power supports non–ferrous metallurgy
Significant deposits of coal, gold, mercury and rare earths
Net oil importer, government wants aggressive exploration

Product Order No. Price
Kirghizstan Basins Set BCCISKGSD200 $ 5,000
Kirghizstan Basins Theme BSCISKGSD201 $ 4,500
Kirghizstan Coal Theme CLCISKGSD201* $ 10,000
Kirghizstan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISKGSD201 $500
Kirghizstan Geology Theme GYCISKGSD201 $ 4,500
Kirghizstan Photogeology Theme PGCISKGSD201 $50,000/image
Kirghizstan Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISKGSD201 $150/image
Kirghizstan Minerals Theme MNCISKGSD201* $ 15,000
Kirghizstan Political Theme POCISKGSD201* $500
Kirghizstan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISKGSD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Kirghizstan Transportation Theme TRCISKGSD201 $ 4,500

Tadzhikistan, eastern {TAD}:
Desperate for investments
Large low–grade gold deposits
Limited Paleozoic oil potential
Product Order No. Price
Tadzhikistan Basins Set BCCISTADD200 $ 5,000
Tadzhikistan Basins Theme BSCISTADD201 $ 4,500
Tadzhikistan Coal Theme CLCISTADD201* $ 7,500
Tadzhikistan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISTADD201 $500
Tadzhikistan Geology Theme GYCISTADD201 $ 4,500
Tadzhikistan Photogeology Theme PGCISTADD201 $50,000/image
Tadzhikistan Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISTADD201 $150/image
Tadzhikistan Minerals Theme MNCISTADD201* $ 15,000
Tadzhikistan Political Theme POCISTADD201* $500
Tadzhikistan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISTADD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Tadzhikistan Transportation Theme TRCISTADD201 $ 4,500

Uzbekistan, eastern {UZB}:
Considerable energy resources: oil, gas, coal & uranium
Sizable gold & rare–earths resources
Well–developed energy and minerals processing facilities
Product Order No. Price
Uzbekistan Basins Set BCCISUZBD200 $ 5,000
Uzbekistan Basins Theme BSCISUZBD201 $ 4,500
Uzbekistan Coal Theme CLCISUZBD201* $ 25,500
Uzbekistan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISUZBD201 $500
Uzbekistan Geology Theme GYCISUZBD201 $ 4,500
Uzbekistan Photogeology Theme PGCISUZBD201 $50,000/image
Uzbekistan Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISUZBD201 $150/image
Uzbekistan Minerals Theme MNCISUZBD201* $ 15,000
Uzbekistan Political Theme POCISUZBD201* $500
Uzbekistan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISUZBD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Uzbekistan Transportation Theme TRCISUZBD201 $ 4,500

Aghinsk Buryat {AHB}:
Excellent transportation infrastructure
Known rare–earths dikes
Product Order No. Price
Aghinsk Buryat Basins Set BCCISAHBD200 $ 5,000
Aghinsk Buryat Basins Theme BSCISAHBD201 $ 4,500
Aghinsk Buryat Coal Theme CLCISAHBD201* $ 5,000
Aghinsk Buryat Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISAHBD201 $500
Aghinsk Buryat Geology Theme GYCISAHBD201 $ 4,500
Aghinsk Buryat Photogeology Theme PGCISAHBD201 $50,000/image
Aghinsk Buryat Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISAHBD201 $150/image
Aghinsk Buryat Minerals Theme MNCISAHBD201* $ 15,000
Aghinsk Buryat Political Theme POCISAHBD201* $500
Aghinsk Buryat Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISAHBD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Aghinsk Buryat Transportation Theme TRCISAHBD201 $ 4,500

Altai {ALT}:
Precious metals and rare–earths
Anxious to make deals with resources firms
Product Order No. Price
Altai Basins Set BCCISALTD200 $ 5,000
Altai Basins Theme BSCISALTD201 $ 4,500
Altai Coal Theme CLCISALTD201* $ 5,000
Altai Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISALTD201 $500
Altai Geology Theme GYCISALTD201 $ 4,500
Altai Photogeology Theme PGCISALTD201 $50,000/image
CIS Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISALTD201 $150/image
Altai Minerals Theme MNCISALTD201* $ 12,000
Altai Political Theme POCISALTD201* $500
Altai Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISALTD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Altai Transportation Theme TRCISALTD201 $ 4,500

Buryatia {BYT}:
Lake Bajkal (Baikal) provides unlimited fresh water
Excellent transportation infrastructure
Rich in metallic and non–metallic minerals
Significant unexploited geothermal resources
Product Order No. Price
Buryatia Basins Set BCCISBYTD200 $ 5,000
Buryatia Basins Theme BSCISBYTD201 $ 4,500
Buryatia Coal Theme CLCISBYTD201* $ 5,000
Buryatia Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISBYTD201 $500
Buryatia Geology Theme GYCISBYTD201 $ 4,500
Buryatia Photogeology Theme PGCISBYTD201 $50,000/image
Buryatia Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISBYTD201 $150/image
Buryatia Minerals Theme MNCISBYTD201* $ 15,000
Buryatia Political Theme POCISBYTD201* $500
Buryatia Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISBYTD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Buryatia Transportation Theme TRCISBYTD201 $ 4,500

Jewish Autonomous Region [Birobijan] {JEW}:
Near areas with major potential
Huge proven graphite reserves
Excellent transportation infrastructure (road, rail, barge)
Sophisticated and flexible local businesses
On border with China
Product Order No. Price
Birobijan Basins Set BCCISJEWD200 $ 5,000
Birobijan Basins Theme BSCISJEWD201 $ 4,500
Birobijan Coal Theme CLCISJEWD201* $ 5,000
Birobijan Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISJEWD201 $500
Birobijan Geology Theme GYCISJEWD201 $ 4,500
Birobijan Photogeology Theme PGCISJEWD201 $50,000/image
Birobijan Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISJEWD201 $150/image
Birobijan Minerals Theme MNCISJEWD201* $ 5,000
Birobijan Political Theme POCISJEWD201* $500
Birobijan Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISJEWD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Birobijan Transportation Theme TRCISJEWD201 $ 4,500

Khakassia, southern {KKS}:
Excellent transportation infrastructure
Produces a variety of minerals
Product Order No. Price
Khakassia Basins Set BCCISKKSD200 $ 5,000
Khakassia Basins Theme BSCISKKSD201 $ 4,500
Khakassia Coal Theme CLCISKKSD201* $ 5,000
Khakassia Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISKKSD201 $500
Khakassia Geology Theme GYCISKKSD201 $ 4,500
Khakassia Photogeology Theme PGCISKKSD201 $50,000/image
Khakassia Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISKKSD201 $150/image
Khakassia Minerals Theme MNCISKKSD201* $ 15,000
Khakassia Political Theme POCISKKSD201* $500
Khakassia Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISKKSD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Khakassia Transportation Theme TRCISKKSD201 $ 4,500

Sakha [Yakutia] {YKT}:
Prolific oil producer
Rich in diamonds and precious metals
Large coal reserves (anthracite & coking)
Good transportation infrastructure
Well–educated, self–reliant people
Product Order No. Price
Sakha (Yakutia) Basins Set BCCISYKTD200 $ 5,000
Sakha Basins Theme BSCISYKTD201 $ 4,500
Sakha Coal Theme CLCISYKTD201* $ 5,000
Sakha Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISYKTD201 $500
Sakha Geology Theme GYCISYKTD201 $ 4,500
Sakha Photogeology Theme PGCISYKTD201 $50,000/image
Sakha Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISYKTD201 $150/image
Sakha Minerals Theme MNCISYKTD201* $ 25,000
Sakha Political Theme POCISYKTD201* $500
Sakha Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISYKTD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Sakha Transportation Theme TRCISYKTD201 $ 4,500

Sakhalin & Kuril Islands {SKK}:
Prolific oil & gas producer
Known to have produced gold, copper & sulfides
Excellent shipping & transportation infrastructure
Product Order No. Price
Sakhalin & Kuril Basins Set BCCISSKKD200 $ 5,000
Sakhalin & Kuril Basins Theme BSCISSKKD201 $ 4,500
Sakhalin & Kuril Coal Theme CLCISSKKD201* $ 5,000
Sakhalin & Kuril Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISSKKD201 $500
Sakhalin & Kuril Geology Theme GYCISSKKD201 $ 4,500
Sakhalin & Kuril Photogeology Theme PGCISSKKD201 $50,000/image
Sakhalin & Kuril Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISSKKD201 $150/image
Sakhalin & Kuril Minerals Theme MNCISSKKD201* $ 25,000
Sakhalin & Kuril Political Theme POCISSKKD201* $500
Sakhalin & Kuril Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISSKKD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Sakhalin & Kuril Trans. Theme TRCISSKKD201 $ 4,500

Tuva {TZK}:
History of World–Class Cobalt & Gold production
Presence of rich oil shales implies oil potential
Concessions available, Tuva is anxious to deal
Major crustal suture increases geological potential
Significant previously unrecognized diamond potential
Product Order No. Price
Tuva Basins Set BCCISTZKD200 $ 5,000
Tuva Basins Theme BSCISTZKD201 $ 4,500
Tuva Coal Theme CLCISTZKD201* $ 5,000
Tuva Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISTZKD201 $500
Tuva Geology Theme GYCISTZKD201 $ 4,500
Tuva Photogeology Theme PGCISTZKD201 $50,000/image
Tuva Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISTZKD201 $150/image
Tuva Minerals Theme MNCISTZKD201* $ 20,000
Tuva Political Theme POCISTZKD201* $500
Tuva Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISTZKD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Tuva Transportation Theme TRCISTZKD201 $ 4,500

Ust–Orda {USO}:
Excellent transportation infrastructure
Product Order No. Price
Ust–Orda Basins Set BCCISUSOD200 $ 5,000
Ust–Orda Basins Theme BSCISUSOD201 $ 4,500
Ust–Orda Coal Theme CLCISUSOD201* $ 5,000
Ust–Orda Hydrology (Drainage) Theme HYCISUSOD201 $500
Ust–Orda Geology Theme GYCISUSOD201 $ 4,500
Ust–Orda Photogeology Theme PGCISUSOD201 $50,000/image
Ust–Orda Satellite Imagery Theme IMCISUSOD201 $150/image
Ust–Orda Minerals Theme MNCISUSOD201* $ 5,000
Ust–Orda Political Theme POCISUSOD201* $500
Ust–Orda Topographic/Bathymetric Theme TOCISUSOD201* $1,000/5ox5o
Ust–Orda Transportation Theme TRCISUSOD201 $4,500