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(Separate Consulting & Technology Transfer)
Cost by Service:

Consulting and Technology Transfer services are offered by Maness at a fee of $250.00 per hour (or $1,500.00 per day) plus expenses, on a case–by–case basis. Contact Maness directly for a sample contract with terms, etc.
China & East Asia Services:
1. Geological, Geophysical, Engineering, Mapping and other professional consulting services are separately offered on a cost+job or bid–basis.
2. Technology Transfer (Training) and Consulting Services are separately offered on a cost+job or bid–basis.
3. The primary professional services concerning this specific area {China & East Asia} are analytical and involve the digital data base and what Lindsey Maness [the developer] refers to as his "Specialty Products" line of IsoLineÔ Maps. IsoLineÔ Maps are separately offered on a cost+job or bid–basis.
Separate consulting, technology transfer and training courses are offered to clients to enable effective use of the China Study data set. Prior work of this type is generally proprietary to each specific client and client–specific particulars cannot be discussed with others. Indeed, with only a few exceptions, even the identities of clients is not divulged. Each such training course is customized for the individual needs of each separate client. Notwithstanding, similar or even identical work can be done in confidence for different clients.