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China & East Asia Study© Products & Services:

These thematic studies of the geological resources of China & East Asia are truly immense in scope and detail. Manageability has been optimized through use of thematic and spatial organization of resources, features and infrastructure for all of which unique ordering codes have been assigned. Standard languages used are English and Chinese. Symbologies, line thicknesses, colors, etc., are fully–documented and easily–changed.

The Standard Set was originally conceived to be a single package containing all the supporting data of particular interest to Oil & Gas (Basin) explorationists. This concept has been extended to the provision of "Standard Set" exploration packages for Minerals and Coal, and can be further extended still, if the interest exists. Consequently, there are now three Thematic Sets which include the "Standard Set": Basins (Oil & Gas), Minerals, and Coal. The "Basins Set" consists of the Basins Theme with the associated Standard Set: Topographic/Bathymetric, Political, Geologic, Satellite Imagery, Transportation and Hydrologic (Drainage) Themes. The "Minerals Set" is the same, with the exception of exchanging the Minerals Theme for the Basins Theme. The Coal Set, likewise, only exchanges the Coal Theme, keeping the remainder (i.e., the "Standard Set" of supporting data).

Standard Set Themes which have been completed are:




All the following Thematic Studies are in–process, with portions of some included in the Standard Set; however, these are not part of the Standard Set, per se. These in–process, Thematic Studies include:




While there are a great many advantages in acquiring entire regional studies including the complete supporting themes, many potential clients prefer to acquire products either separately (by theme) or by area (by country or province) or by area and theme in combination, or in support of a specific application or purpose. To comply with requests from clients, a variety of pricing means based upon theme, area and application (or purpose) are incorporated in this descriptive document.

The China & East Asia Products herein were formerly divided into three general categories of Existing Hardcopy [H], Applications Hardcopy [A] and Digital [D] Map Studies. There are many excellent reasons for the strong trend of resources exploration firms moving to digital maps and studies. Consequently, provision of non–digital (i.e., hard–copy) maps has been phased–out. Further, revisions and/or corrections are only being made digitally; consequently, only those maps derived from digital sources are up–to–date. While Chinese–language characters on maps are a significant dynamic and technical problem, with ever–changing software, such is provided with a reasonable delay for each order. The former products Existing Hardcopy [H] and Applications Hardcopy [A] are no longer available as a routine product, since they can be generated by clients in–house from the up–to–date digital data with clients' choice of line type, thicknesses, colors, themes shown, languages used, etc. For clients who lack the facility to do this themselves, special consulting is separately offered, either to do this directly or to refer to others (e.g., Digital Data Services, Inc. [DDS]) capable of doing so. An especially popular such service has been the generation of Power Point Presentations (*.ppt files) using these data.

The "Existing Hardcopy Study [H]," was originally a 1–to–1 copy of the original hand–drafted study {1:2,000,000 scale}, which was provided in hardcopy form only: the dimension was approximately 10' by 6' <i.e., greater than 3 meters in width by 2 meters in height>. The Existing Hardcopy Study[H] is inferior to the modern digital maps, which have been greatly modified and improved, both in detail and in location. Prior clients for the "Existing Hardcopy Study [H]" are eligible for digital upgrades at a discount equivalent to the original cost.

The "Applications Hardcopy Studies [A]" were color hardcopy version(s) of the digital map data {various scales} and generally displayed one <or more> themes [e.g., traditional Geological and Transportation maps> overlaid on the Political map base. Scale, projection, size, line thicknesses & types, symbology, colors, etc., were solely as chosen by Maness: variations were available only in the form of separate (bid–basis or contract) custom work. Most applications hardcopy maps were provided on paper media three feet (one meter) in width by the length necessary to display the feature(s) desired. Prior clients for the "Applications Hardcopy Studies [A]" are eligible for digital upgrades at a discount equivalent to the original cost.

The "Digital Map Studies [D]" are provided in digital form only (on computer readable media {DVDs, CD–ROMs, etc.}). The Digital Map studies are generally provided in the form of a "Thematic Set," (the listed Theme plus the "Standard Set" of supportint themes) and "Thematic Studies" (which include only the theme listed).    

Description of Specific Products & Services Offered
1. The Standard Set series <TOT>: The Basins Set displays the hydrocarbons potential of the entire China & East Asia region <TOT>, using (as much as practical in a region this dynamic) reasonably up–to–date information available about oil and gas fields, oil shales, oil and gas seeps, refineries, pipelines and other infrastructure. The supporting "Standard Set" maps with over 2,100 pages of documentation in well–organized textual form are part of the Standard Set package: Geologic, Topographic/Bathymetric (Shaded–Relief), Satellite Imagery, Transportation, Hydrology (Drainage), Political Maps & Texts, an Analysis Text and Ancillary Maps. Equivalent Thematic Sets are provided for Minerals and Coal, respectively, with the same supporting materials.

2. Total region <TOT> Thematic Resources Studies: these are digital studies of all of China & adjacent East Asia's resources and infrastructure, as appropriate to theme. The "Thematic Studies," per se, include only the listed Theme (Basins, Hydrology, Coal, Minerals, Geology, Satellite Imagery, etc., as appropriate). Some Themes are in–process.

3. Chinese <ACH...> Province Studies: these are studies of individual Chinese Provinces. The "Studies Sets" do include supporting digital maps and texts, but "Thematic Studies" include only the theme listed. Some themes (e.g., Minerals and Coal) are in–process.

4. Adjacent East Asia <AES...> Studies: these are studies of all or parts of the large region mapped outside China and the CIS. The "Combined Studies" do include supporting digital maps and texts, but "Thematic Studies" include only the theme listed. Some themes (e.g., Minerals and Coal) are in–process.

5. Chinese Basin Studies Set: these are studies of individual Chinese Oil & Gas Basins which do include supporting digital maps and texts, usually at a substantial price discount. Some optional supporting themes (e.g., Geophysical and Isopachous) are in–process and can be purchased as a separate additional item. In essence, what is being offered is the ability to buy separately at a discounted price only those digital map data for those Chinese Provinces which contain individual Basins of great interest to the oil & gas community.

6. Total–Country Studies: these are studies of the resources {e.g., Oil & Gas Basins}, as "Combined Studies" or "Thematic Studies" of entire individual countries (e.g., Mongolia [AESMON]). In general, the level of detail is less for countries around China than for China, per sé.

7. Partial Country Studies: these are studies of the resources {e.g., Oil & Gas Basins}, as "Combined Studies" or "Thematic Studies" of portions of individual countries (e.g., Myanmar [AESMYA]). In general, the level of detail is less for countries around China than for China, per sé.

8. CIS Republics & New Countries Studies: these are in–process studies of portions of the former USSR, with supporting digital maps (Geology, Transportation, etc.). These include individual CIS Republics (e.g., Buryatia [CISBYT]), newly–independent countries (e.g., Kazakhstan [CISKZS]) and military districts (e.g., Sakhalin & Kuril Islands [CISSKK]).

9. Maintenance Upgrades: upgrades of the digital maps purchased will be provided automatically to those who subscribe, for a period of one year after the date of purchase. Maintenance upgrades are as listed, and apply only to upgrading products actually previously purchased by each individual client {e.g., a client who purchased the existing China Study would not receive a free copy of a new Minerals Overlay, when it is released}. Extensive additional information is available that has not yet been incorporated, especially for new roads and railroads in China, per–sé. In particular, detailed unpublished transportation maps with the new road numbering system in China (analogous to America's interstate system) are available from Chinese sources, but have not actually been acquired or upgraded due to limited finances. Actual errors discovered by clients will be corrected through the "Maintenance Upgrade" program.

10. Specialty Products (IsoLineÔ Maps): this series of maps demonstrates some of the ways in which digital GIS technology can be effectively used. These China and East Asia digital maps were specifically designed to maximize GIS utility (e.g., in support of integrated Photogeological <Remote Sensing> Analyses). Care must be taken to avoid confusing "Specialty Products" with "Specials [S–Code]," which are products specially priced.

11. China & East Asia Services: Consulting, Technology Transfer and generation of customized IsoLineÔ Maps. These services are generally for those clients who wish to understand the technology and for those who must perform their own proprietary in–house work. The terms IsoLineÔand all its variants are Registered Trademarks of the developer, Lindsey V. Maness, Jr. The IsoLineÔ variants include, but are not limited to: IsoAirportÔ, IsoAspectÔ, IsoLOSÔ, IsoComÔ, IsoCanalÔ, IsoCaroteneÔ, IsoChemÔ, IsoChlorophyllÔ, IsoClayÔ, IsoCombÔ, IsoCompÔ, IsoEconÔ, IsoGemÔ, IsoGoldÔ, IsoIlliteÔ, IsoKaolinÔ, IsoMontmorilloniteÔ, IsoNavÔ, IsoPigmentÔ, IsoPortÔ, IsoPotassiumÔ, IsoProbÔ, IsoProfitÔ, IsoProtectÔ, IsoProxÔ, IsoRadÔ, IsoRoadÔ, IsoSampleÔ, IsoSilverÔ, IsoSlopeÔ, IsoTextureÔ, IsoThoriumÔ, IsoTransÔ, IsoUraniumÔ, etc. Many of these IsoLineÔ Maps and their uses are described in more detail near the conclusion of this document.  

Important Observations & Terms

Document Versions: All previous versions of this document are obsolete. The version date is at the beginning or end of this and other documents in this series.

Maps & Texts Sold Together: Much of the information displayed on these maps would be far less meaningful without the legends, etc., within the supporting texts; consequently, maps are not sold separately from their supporting texts.

Map Themes: Each map set "Theme" significantly complements the others. Having the entire data set is an invaluable in–house reference for future evaluations and is simpler to learn and to use effectively. Purchase of the entire digital China Study rather than "Separate Thematic Products" or by Country/Province is also significantly more cost–effective for clients, regarding both completed and in–process thematic studies.

Languages: The (bilingual: English & Chinese) maps are presently available in Chinese (both Classical & Simplified). Other languages <e.g., Japanese [Kanji] and Russian> are anticipated to be available at additional cost in the near future on all digital maps and texts.

Political Boundaries: All products, regardless of type, generally use the political boundaries as officially drawn by P.R. China. Such boundaries are often controversial.

Maness' Copyright: All prices quoted herein assume that the copyright for the generated product(s) shall be solely Maness' and that no resale restrictions shall apply to Maness: if such is desired, a separate bid must be requested and the price will be significantly higher. Clients are expressly forbidden to resell or otherwise transfer these data, in whole or in part.

Products, Prices & Terms: Information and prices about other countries, specific provinces, basins and other custom products will be provided upon request. Products, prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

Specialized Products & Services: For specialized products & services (e.g., the IsoLineÔ Series of Maps), delivery is within six months of acquisition of all necessary supporting information: unless otherwise agreed, bids on specialized products assume that all necessary information will be made available to Maness at no additional cost.

AutoCAD (*.DWG) and other Standards: Prior to this edition, all prices stated herein assumed that only AutoCAD© R13 [i.e., specifically R13C4a version] (*.DWG) or ESRI <e.g., ARC–Info©> (*.DXF) format digital maps and MicroSoft Word© format documents would be provided; however, evaluation of possible use of a third–party Data Base Management System (DBMS) for attribute information [compatible with both *.DWG and *.DXF formats] was made available. A compatible third–party DBMS was usually necessary because in reformatting between *.DWG and *.DXF (either way), the embedded attribute information was not always retained. For these and a variety of other reasons, this latest version will use very different software, in general, from earlier versions. In particular, much use will be made of the following software packages: Irfan View, Didger 3, Grapher and Surfer 8. Clients will have to separately acquire all necessary software and hardware requird to manipulate this immense data set.

Data Organization: The organization of these data is intentionally kept simple, with no read or write protections, and is thoroughly documented.

Media on Which Data Provided: Digital data are available to clients on standard computer media (DVDs, CD–ROMs, etc.). Upon special request, data can be transferred via FTP, and via other reasonable means.

Timing of Delivery of Products: The estimated time for delivery of all products herein is from date of payment–in–full to Maness, not the date of payment to Authorized Dealer (Distributor). All costs stated herein are in US dollars. All existing products can be delivered within six weeks. New In–Process Thematic Products (e.g., the Minerals & Coals Thematic Maps) can be delivered within six months, when sufficient in–house information exists. Preliminary hardcopy maps of in–process (indicated with an asterisk <*> herein) digital thematic products can be delivered 6–12 weeks from the date of order; final in–process digital products will be delivered within 6 months of the date of payment in full for the order. The general policy, when acceptable to the client, is delivery on an iterative basis, as individual mile–stones are completed, before complete Quality Control has been performed. It will be the exclusive job of the client to install each of the latest upgraded versions.

Themes: Themes without an asterisk (*) have been completed and are available for delivery in the time frame stated.

Onshore & Offshore Products: The Existing digital data cover only the onshore, in detail, although considerable information is provided about offshore basins. Maness presently possesses geological maps of offshore China and these will be incorporated in this study at no additional cost, where they exist in–house. Information about offshore basins and shipping lanes has already been included as parts of other themes at no additional cost.

Registered Trademarks of Other Parties: Both MS–DOS and Windows are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. AutoCad is a registered trademark of the AutoCAD Corporation. ARC–Info, ArcView, etc., are registered trademarks of ESRI Corp. As upgrades are issued, additional registered trademarks of other companies will also be referenced and identified, as appropriate.