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Version: February 22nd, 2,006

Maintenance Upgrades:
Product Order No. Price
Total Existing Digital China & East Asia Study BCTOTTOTU200 $20,000
per Thematic Product (Total China Study) xxTOTTOTU2x1 See Thematic Code $5,500
per Chinese Province (partial China Study) xxACHxxxU2xx See Thematic Code $2,500
per Country (total or partial, not China) xxAESxxxU2xx See Thematic Code $2,500

Most upgrades occur twice per year, on or about January 1st and July 1st of each year.
These per year "Maintenance Upgrades" charges are for already purchased products, and will not include copies of other upgraded or new product releases. For example, a client who purchased the Basins Set {Code BSTOTTOTD200} would not receive any part of the Minerals Theme {Code MNTOTTOTD201} when it is completed and released.
Maness possesses considerable unincorporated information about the geology of offshore China. If a client purchases at full–price a digital geological study, the existing geologic map will be extended offshore to incorporate in–house information at no additional cost.
All full–price purchases automatically qualify for one–year of Maintenance Upgrades of the products purchased, at no additional cost, at the value listed above. For second and succeeding years, Maintenance Upgrades will follow the fee schedule in effect at that time.