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The SemiConductor Elements Commodities Exchange SCECE, is being created to enable sellers and buyers to have a place to openly, reliably, following respected procedures (safely) exchange commodities of value which are thought by many to be destined for severe shortages, which would threaten the survival of many PhotoVoltaics (PV) firms, in particular, and harm much of the greater electronics industries, in general. Of particular concern is the reality that these elements/commodities are a strategic necessity for the assured survivability of the United States of America.

The name, "SemiConductor Elements Commodities Exchange" and acronym, "SCECE" are interim and will probably be changed as recommended by the SCECE Advisory Committee.

This Web-Site, http://www.China-Resources.net, is certainly an interim arrangement for the SCECE. As soon as the Advisory Committee recommends a name and authorizes the formal creation of an appropriate Web-Site, the use of this Web-Site, other than as hot-link to the new Web-Site, will no longer be used for SCECE matters.

The most important function of this interim organizational name and Web-Site is to enable the creation of an "Advisory Committee" to oversee the creation of the desired Commodities Exchange, with the goal being to have an operational means of selling and buying these commodities in place by December 31st, 2010.

The "Advisory Committee" will, itself, be comprised of other committees/organs, whose functions will be to handle the various portions of a complex operation to openly benefit all involved.


Documentation: SCECE.

Advisory Committee.


At the present time, the anticipated severe shortages of tellurium (Te) and indium (In) elements/commodities, as used by the Thin-Film PV industries are the primary drivers for this effort.

Since several of these elements/commodities are presented elsewhere on this Web-Site, rather than duplicate entries, clicking on the applicable elements will transfer to the existing applicable portion(s) of this Web-Site.

Please send all comments, recommendations, etc., to Lindsey V. Maness, Jr., E-Mail: LVManess@Comcast.net

Additional Advisory Committee Members are Urgently Needed.

Note that in below tables those elements in green are already listed on the Shanghai Metals Market website as a traded commodity, with accompanying price range. The PRC government can, and does, limit exports of commodities, etc. Several of the commodities listed could fit within two or more table categories.


Strategic Electronic Materials


High-Purity Elements (Defense, PV, Flat-Panel Displays, ...)


High-Purity Compounds (Defense, PV, Flat-Panel Displays, ...)


Recycled, Remediated & Mined-Waste Mitigation Materials


Proposed Alternative Names/Acronyms

(The first alternative name (EECE) is especially popular with Electronics Engineers!)


Events of Interest to the PV Community


References & Useful Sources of Information


Attribution: Special thanks are extended to Mr. Charles Dornfest for his excellent suggestions and other useful behind-the-scenes contributions.


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