CEAR 2,000 Symposium Products

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Lindsey V. Maness, Jr., Chairman

Resources & Technology Symposia of Colorado, Llc.

12875 West 15th Drive

Golden, CO 80401-3501 USA

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The following CEAR 2,000 Symposium Products are available at the prices indicated. Colorado residents must also enclose applicable local and state sales taxes. Shipping & handling charges are as indicated. To order, complete this form and send check made payable to RTSC to Douglas C. Peters, President, RTSC, 169 Quaker Street, Golden, CO 80401-5543, Tel: 303-278-1540, Fax: 303-278-6473, E-Mail: petersdc@petersgeo.com. Products will be shipped by the most economical means possible.


CEAR 2,000 Symposium Products Order Form


Price ($US) Postage & Handling, USA Postage & Handling, International Product Description

20.00 ------ 5.00 --------------------- 12.00 --------------------------- Proceedings (available on CD-ROM only)

25.00 ----- 10.00 --------------------- 22.00 --------------------------- Symposium Shoulder Bags*1

2.50 -------- 1.00 ----------------------- 3.00 --------------------------- Photos, each(in digital *.jpg & *.mpg form only)

200.00 ------ 4.00 --------------------- 18.00 --------------------------- Photos, all (in digital *.jpg & *.mpg form only)

*1Symposium shoulder bags are blue canvas, with adjustable shoulder straps, zippered top & side compartments; has tote handles; displays logo of Resources and Technology Symposia of Colorado, Llc.

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