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These thematic geological resources studies cover many regions of the world, most with associated enhanced satellite imagery and photogeological interpretations. Many are bilingual. All integrate, to varying extents, available information about geology, well-logs, seismology, etc.

Portions of many other countries have been studied separately, for every continent, except Antarctica. Most noteworthy are studies of all or parts of the USA, Afghanistan, Australia, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The most thorough is of China & East Asia, which is available only in digital form, as described below. This particular study does include raw ASTER satellite imagery: it is being made available specifically to provide information comparable to ground–truth for those who wish to do their own integrations and analyses of satellite imagery with digital maps. This study includes all or portions of 20+ countries.


China & East Asia Resources Study


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Regional: China, CIS and Adjacent East Asia

China, by Chinese Province

Adjacent East Asia: Entire Countries

Adjacent East Asia: Partial Countries

CIS, by Republic (former USSR, includes new countries)

New (former USSR) Areas: partially or wholly outside of existing study

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Specialty (IsoLine®) Products

These Specialty Products are GIS themes designed to complement geological, geophysical, geochemical, topographical, logistical, radiation, meteorological, communications, probabilistic and other mappable data, generally in support of econometric display (e.g., to aid in determining potential relative profitability).


Cooperating Educational Institutions

These Cooperating Educational Institutions possess a complete set of the existing study in digital form to use for educational purposes, exclusively. Students interested in using this data base for educational purposes are advised to register with one of the educational institutions listed, after contacting the appropriate department and professor.


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