Somalia Region Digital Topographic Images

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Somalia Region Shaded Relief Images
Version: February 11th, 2,003

A compilation of samples of digital shaded relief maps of Somalia, and their effective use in support of anti–terrorist activities, is presented. A free copy of the digital raw enhanced imagery will be sent upon request to any serviceman or -woman in, or on the way to, Afghanistan, whether American or Allied. In the near future, we plan to make these images directly downloadable.


These digital topographic images of areas in, or adjacent to, Somalia are presented as a sample of what can be done using modern technology. As digital images, they can be imported into standard software packages and enlarged. The images listed herein were selected and enhanced by Lee Rice, who has extensive experience with them: these represent only a very small sample of methods by which the available digital elevation models can be enhanced and displayed.

Shaded Relief Maps of Somalia & Vicinity
Courtesy of Lee R. Rice, P.E., President
Data Technology Services
10920 West Alameda Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80226–2680 USA
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Viewers should directly contact the original source to get copies of the original digital data. Detailed instructions for how to do that will soon be incorporated into this document. In the interim, if someone urgently needs a copy, please contact Lindsey V. Maness, Jr. via E–Mail at for instructions: I can offer expert advice on effective use of the imagery for a variety of purposes. For those involved in the anti–terrorism effort (US or Allied), there will be no charge assessed for routine assistance (i.e., that which does not require a significant expenditure of time or money). For all others, my charge is $200/hour, plus expenses, payable in advance.


Shaded Relief Maps from Digital Elevation Models


Scene ID

SRMSOM01.jpg: 1213 wide 1572 high

Somalia Shaded-Relief Map




SRMSOM02.jpg: 1222 wide 1560 high

Somalia Shaded-Relief Map