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Version: December 15th, 2,005

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Copyrighted 2005 by Lindsey V. Maness, Jr. Reproduction Forbidden. All Rights Reserved.

On Security

The internet is an inherently insecure means of communication: users must assume that anything sent over the internet will also be read by other than the intended person. In a time of virulent pathogens and fanatic misguided terrorists who would unleash unimaginable plagues on humanity, and other horrors, our way–of–life, our country, and even the very survival of humanity may very well be at stake. Please follow all reasonable security precautions when communicating with anyone, in particular over the internet, where unintended spies (e.g., Trojan Horses, etc.) can be brought into secure facilities, with potentially disastrous consequences. For those who are skeptical of these simple truths, please consider history: the movies "Tora, Tora, Tora" and "Wake Island," along with the entire history of WW–II and succeeding conflicts, should at the least invoke thought. This unclassified document is intended to enlighten users, in particular those battling against terrorism: please use it solely as a means to receive information.


Click here for: Afghanistan: Military Analysis of Geological References©
Courtesy of Lindsey V. Maness, Jr., Veteran (USAF) & Geologist
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A compilation of information about the geological resources of Afghanistan, and its effective use in support of anti-terrorist activities, is presented.

Click here for: Shaded Relief Maps of Afghanistan & Vicinity
Courtesy of Lee R. Rice, P.E., President
Data Technology Services
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Click here for: Satellite (ASTER) Images of Afghanistan & Vicinity
Courtesy of Douglas C. Peters, Geologist, President
Peters Geosciences Co.
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This work–in–progress is dedicated to my (deceased) uncle, Bryant W. Griffin, who served multiple tours–of–duty with distinguishment as a Green Beret in Vietnam. The injuries sustained by him in the service of our country were dire. Military service is a primal urge, the instinct to protect one's family, tribe, nation, and by extension, all of humanity. May all those who serve our country be honored as they deserve.

Bryant Griffin with award in Highlands of Viet Nam.  1969 or 1970.