Somalia: Open–Source (Unclassified) Intelligence Analysis

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On Security

The internet is an inherently insecure means of communication: users must assume that anything sent over the internet will also be read by other than the intended person. In a time of virulent pathogens and fanatic misguided terrorists who would unleash unimaginable plagues on humanity, and other horrors, our way–of–life, our country, and even the very survival of humanity may very well be at stake. Please follow all reasonable security precautions when communicating with anyone, in particular over the internet, where unintended spies (e.g., Trojan Horses, etc.) can be brought into secure facilities, with potentially disastrous consequences. For those who are skeptical of these simple truths, please consider history: the movies "Tora, Tora, Tora" and "Wake Island," along with the entire history of WW–II and succeeding conflicts, should at the least invoke thought. This unclassified document is intended to enlighten users, in particular those battling against terrorism: please use it solely as a means to receive information.


Version: February 11th, 2,003

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A compilation of information about the geological resources of Somalia, and its effective use in support of anti–terrorist activities, is presented.

CEAR 2000. World Resources. Denver Mining Club. Afghanistan



Military Analysis of Geological References©


This work–in–progress is dedicated to ... May all those who serve our country be honored as they deserve.



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Most of the raw data enabling this Geological References Analysis (GRA)© were derived from GEOREF©, a copyrighted product of the American Geological Institute.

This military applications study is in process: additions, corrections, etc., will be made on a near–daily basis. Suggestions for improvements are appreciated.

Lindsey V. Maness, Jr. and his associates have been conducting geological resources evaluations (including mapping) of Asia for over 25 years. This analysis demonstrates only a small part of our knowledge of the region. For more information about digital resources maps and studies available, see the RTSC Web–Site, or contact Maness directly at Our groups are knowledgeable and capable of assisting in the rebuilding of industries and infrastructure of formerly terrorist–led countries, especially regarding the use of their ample indigenous energy and minerals resources to develop Somalia's self–sufficiency and prosperity.

A personal note: Numerous people have inquired about my motivation in starting this massive undertaking. To be completely frank, they are, first and foremost, that I still feel that I could have and should have done more during my own time in service. This strong feeling persists even though my awards, proficiency reports and rapid promotions show that I was conscientious and more dedicated than most. Many veterans have expressed similar sentiments to me, usually over a beer or while reminiscing seriously. Second, I feel profoundly strongly that we, stateside, should do all we reasonably can to help our servicemen and -women. During WW–II, civilians were called upon to make day–to–day sacrifices for the war effort (for those in harm's way). Even elderly ladies knitted warm clothing for our guys overseas. I guess that I am the new millennium's version of a little old lady doing what I can to help. Third, as a geologist (with an MI background), I have knowledge about sources and types of material that can be of unique value. There are other motivations, but these are the prime ones. I only wish that it were possible to dedicate more personal time to this project, but it is being done solely on my own nickel and, as a father, I must also concern myself with keeping bread on the table and tending to the concerns of a family.



Acknowledgments (in order of usefulness):

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    2. GEOREF© Geological Data Base: American Geological Institute,
    3. NTIS (National Technical Information Services)
    4. Various anonymous contributors
    5. Rocky Mountain News (various articles)
    6. CNN (Cable Network News, Internet Edition)
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    This Geological Reference Analysis (GRA)© is being performed to assist anti–terrorist forces in Somalia. It is being made available on the internet to ensure that it can be acquired immediately by any military or anti-terrorism specialist needing it, with no red tape, whatsoever. Certain conventions and procedures need to be understood to use it effectively: geological, linguistic, historical, legal, data-base peculiarities, etc.

    The method of referencing geological (and other) publications is that employed by the Geological Society of America (GSA), the US Geological Survey (USGS) and numerous other professional societies in the earth sciences. In short, a reference generally proceeds by listing author(s), year of publication, title of paper, volume, number, pages and publisher. Where appropriate or helpful, comments may be added: this latter, while a deviation from the GSA/USGS standards, is fully justified (in military parlance, comments can be a "force multiplier"). It is truly fortunate for researchers that geologists (in particular paleontologists) faithfully followed the naming convention for geological features whereby the name assigned is that of the nearest mapped place-name, which was almost always a nearby city or town. In other words, the engineering characteristics of a specific geological formation named after a town probably reasonably describe the engineering characteristics of the area around that same town: this knowledge can be of critical importance in planning military operations.